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San Miguel de Allende is considered to be the jewell of the Colone and a National Monument. It was built in 1542.This beautiful street has kept by the years its architecture, its rocked streets, its own traditions and culture. It is located just an hour away from the city of Guanajuato.
Behind its old wood doors you can see the beautiful colonial yards, lots of them had given life to the international and grand turism Hotels. At the principal square you can find the principal church called "Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel", and a few steps from there, there's the Cultural Centre "El Nigromante", the Allende Institute and the San Francisco Church.
San Miguel de Allende is also enriched with the several Chamber Music and Jazz Festivals, and its famous wool and lathon fair.
San Miguel de Allende is a natural refugee of tallented national and international artists and craft makers. They exhibit their work at the several galleries and art fair.


You can go to all the places in the city and enjoy the exciting challenges that parachuting offers while the exceptional landscapes delight your eyes.
At night you can have a walk trough the historical center enjoying the ambience that this center offer and eating or having a drink in some of the bars and restaurants that are there.
An important quality that San Miguel de Allende has is the gastronomy; there is an amazing mix of tastes and colors, which makes some dishes in something never tasted before.

“Made to feel like family!”

Staying at Casa Cordelli or Casa as dreamy as the little town of San Miguel. I have always called it Magic Town! After living in SMA for nearly 4 years, I went to the States for an 8 month project...and decided for a bunch of good reasons to move Stateside again. When retruring to SMA to do my move, I stayed several weeks at Casa Cordelli. A note~ Over the years the Cordelli family have become close friends of mine. I have atteneded many a fiesta at the "high on the hill" property and consider it one of the most beautiful and special "spots" in all of Magic Town! The compound is special due to its spectacular view, warm and knowledgeable staff, Susan and Chuck's uncomprimising, yet relaxed attention to every detail. If you are looking to spend a quiet week with your spouse or rock and party a week away with family friends or for a wedding (They do an off the hook job on weddings) and taking over the whole compound or a block of rooms at Casa Schuck- then meet Chuck, Susan, their staff and Magic need to go any further! They know everyone...and can assist with just about anything your heart desires while staying with them or planning something special.
The location for Casa Cordelli is on the Hill overlooking town...10 minutes you are down the hiil and in the jardine. is a BIG hill...grab a taxi back up...25 pesos (less than 2 dollars) from anywhere in town!! If you stay at Casa Schuck...three are again, in the Jardine. Casa Schuck is right in Centro and two blocks from anything and everything! I have referred friends to both locations..and each time..they have been thrilled with the experience and the good fortune of staying at Casa Schuck and Casa Cordelli!
Finally~ San Miguel is and safe. Go...enjoy...and tell your friends!!
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