Where to Go:

You can do many things while in San Miguel de Allende, from restaurants to museums and archeological sites. Another place you could visit is "La luciérnaga" the local mall, there are more restaurants; you can also find a video game room called "Enjoy". Movie theater and if you are thinking of shopping is also found among other stores Liverpool.


Craft Market visitors can find a wide variety of items, especially work in wool and brass are the specialty of this county. Lamps, mirrors, the traditional stars and various pieces of brass embossing are found in many sizes and models.

Colorful and beautiful pieces of paper mache can also find in this market, not to mention the various pieces and pottery models: dinnerware, vases, serving dishes and more.

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Cañada de la Virgen - Archaeological Site

  • Located 16 Km. West - SW of San Miguel de Allende.
  • The site is on a private property and has several pyramids and temples.
  • La Cañada de la Virgen is at the basin of the Laja River and was a sacred place for several Tolteca and Chichimeca groups. The Cañada de la Virgen was dedicated to the worship of the Moon, the Sun and Venus. National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH)
What to Do:
Temporary exhibitions, theater, music, workshops and courses, dance, literature and conferences, you can do it all on a beautiful afternoon with your family and most of these events are very often in the main garden.  San Miguel de Allende’s festivities have many customs and traditions that have been kept until now.    

In San Miguel de Allende you can find luxury boutique hotel offers well-qualified staff to ensure a 5 star service and attention to detail. Suites are also decorated by themes, each with its own living room and dining room with kitchenette, TV with cable, telephone and a fireplace to warm those winter nights.
Ideal for those honeymooners or those who want a refuge. And since implementation of weddings san miguel is a perfect place for a beautiful wedding memory.

Ask any group of ex-pats or visitors in San Miguel de Allende what they love about Mexico and you’ll get a wide variety of answers. But one seems to crop up again and again, usually accompanied by a dreamy smile: THE FOOD!

Mexican food can be the ambrosia of the gods. And San Miguel de Allende has way more than its share of fine restaurants where it is definitely done right. You could eat a fine meal several times a day for an entire stay and not run out of great places to try.

Despite the long list of excellent places to eat in San Miguel, sometimes you just don’t feel like yet another restaurant meal. You want to savor the delights of browsing in the markets, of looking for the freshest produce, the ripest fruits, the good cheese and spices and the moles, and put them together perfectly to create your own Mexican feast.



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